May 31, 2021

Content Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is the go-to solution for all businesses who want to promote their ideas, brand, products, and services to the public at large online. The concept of Digital Marketing is enormous, creative, and very beneficial for all businesses around the world.

Internet marketing has many methods to include outreach a business to its full potential. But many people get confused when it comes to Content-driven marketing and Paid Ads. Questions like how do they work? What is more beneficial? What method should they adapt etc. would arise.




Content Marketing

Content Marketing focuses on creating, posting, and reaching out to the target audience. It is one of the essential factors contributing to growing one’s business. It is much more than a strategy for a business. The motive of this method of marketing is to deliver content that is beneficial for users and customers. Creating and writing content with no intention to aid the users is not what this marketing strategy stands for. The content material, if acknowledged by the customers, is beneficial for your business and its growth. If you plan to grow and expand your presence on digital platforms, you must create content that provides insight and value to the content you are producing for the users.

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How does Content Marketing Work?

  • Content marketing is mostly focused on creating and dispensing consistent and valuable content.
  • Provides readers with informative and beneficial material online
  • Attracts potential clientele, keeps the traffic engaged, and guides them through the sales funnel.
  • Gives the businesses organic results (takes approx. 6-9 months)
  • It enables support sales conversations by providing the potential clientele with key knowledge and data.

Note: If you are not optimizing your content regularly by adding relevant keywords and quality content, chances are, your work will not give you any positive results.


Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

A quick way to reach your target audience, paid ads work at a fast pace to consider paid ad marketing. This strategy isn’t just for getting your ads on SERPs. You can adapt this to advertise on many other websites and social media. The paid media involves Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads, other Social Media Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, etc. Such methods, when you invest, give you quick and instant results to receive traffic and engagement on your website. It leads to people being curious and coming on your platform and know more about your brand and its services and products.

How do Paid Ads work?

  • Works by creating ads on different platforms including, google ads and other social media platforms.
  • The most common form of paid ad is PPC (pay per click). You need to pay whenever a user clicks on your ad
  • Suitable for businesses that just started and need traffic
  • Leads more traffic to your website by your ad postings.
  • Provides businesses with short-term but quick results

Note: If you are investing too much without gaining a good ROI percentage, you must detect and work on your areas of improvement.

Since both the methods in their own way have proven to be useful for many businesses, we recommend you to utilize both mediums as they come with their specific benefits. If you are new to the online business, set a separate budget for only advertising as you may not have enough human resources to create content on a daily basis. Paid ads will give you quick results and help you reach your target audience within less time. While you are at it, make sure to work on content-driven marketing consistently and adapt to it completely when you are sure of what content you want to post with the help of your digital marketing team. Both have their own benefits. While one method helps you reach potential customers quickly, another method builds on attracting the customers with valuable and quality content for a longer duration.

We at Flivv, focus on the betterment of every business. We make sure to provide our clients with the Best Digital Marketing plan based on their business size. If you are confused about which method you should go for when you start a business or amid your business, you can always contact and get in touch with experts for the best advice, plans, and profiting services.

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